Feb 27, 2009

Vanishing VHS = Forgotten Films

The Museum of the Moving Image's blog and news source has a good article on the films that were on VHS that may be, now, seemingly lost to future video presentations. Mentioned, in this piece, is the now defunct Kim's Video which was, formerly, on St. Mark's Place in Greenwich Village. I had visited this emporium many times when visiting a friend in Manhattan. It was an incredible depository of rental films and retail dvds. The most obscure items could be found on their shoddy shelves. The place was not a sparkling clean palace of retail splendor. Downstairs was a cd area and upstairs was the video space. I purchased Pretty Poison, starring Tuesday Weld and Anthony Perkins, there 3 days before it was available for release on dvd. I found a dvd copy of John Huston's Fat City, which was out of print. I scooped it up for purchase. Many obscure Italian horror pictures were displayed in their own section; yes, Kim's had shelves devoted to Mario Bava, Giallo films, cult classics, famous directors, silent films and Asian martial arts films. It was wonderful. It made me dizzy.

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