Apr 14, 2009


I'm a regular reader of Filmbrain's blog Like Anna Karina's Sweater. Recently, he posted a video from a Bernardo Bertolucci film entitled Partner from 1968. It seems it was a largely experimental film on the director's part; mostly influenced by Godard's Two or Three Things I Know About Her. I've never heard of this film and it's fevered plot is mostly incomprehensible; a New Wave influenced film with doppelgangers, Ennio Morricone music and murder tossed in a film salad of vignettes. You can read about it here and allow Filmbrain to explain it further for you ... my main purpose is to reproduce this video he posted of a scene from the film that absolutely mesmerized me and spurs me to run it over and over. A dalliance between a male and female, resembling a detergent commercial that begins with absolute silence, introduces a pop song to accompany the images, insinuates a sexual potency and then progresses from foamy fun into dark deeds. If only more films today could treat us to such intriguing memorable visual moments.

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